Structure of a manual for the development of speech at an advanced level for foreign students of technical specialties

Authors: Kurbatova S.A. Published: 22.07.2015
Published in issue: #9(35)/2015  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2015-9-291  
Category: Technological aspects of the engineering education | Chapter: Pedagogics  
Keywords: development of speech, dialogue speech, monologue speech

The article discusses the structure of a manual for the development of speech for foreign students of technical specialties at an advanced level. The attention is paid to teaching speaking as a productive kind of speech activity, as well as the development of skills of dialogue and monologue speech. Working through each conversation threads consists of three stages and is based on the principle "from engaging in dialogue to build your own monologue utterance. " The selection of material and its structuring is based on an understanding of the features of conversational speech. The proposed structure of manual for the speech development can be used both in print and as electronic manuals.

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