Journal "Humanities Bulletin" of BMSTU"

The journal is intended primarily for specialists who work as teachers and scientists in higher learning institutions and their professional activity is supposed to be based on scientific research results - education centered on and carried out in terms of science. This includes theoretical analysis of innovative practical experience in introducing scientific developments in the field of humanities into technical university educational process.Among our readers there also are research fellows working in the Academy of Sciences and higher learning systems, scientists, factory workers and design engineers. One can say that our readers in general will be highly-qualified specialists, primarily practicing teachers.As regards teaching practice, we assume our journal will help those specialists who hold various non-teaching degrees (engineers, philosophers, historians, artists, linguists, writers etc) but nevertheless have to conduct teaching activities, so that they would be able to solve practical problems of humanities associated with education technologies, improve their teaching skills and make reasonable choices among state-of-the-art ways of improving methods and techniques in personality-oriented educational process. The top priority of the process itself is developing the student's personality so that he or she could be described as a creative and broad-minded individual. This determines the kind of information we will introduce to our reader. The latter presents the main goals of our journal. Our publications are to contain scientific aspects (theoretical data that could mainly be applied in practice) as well as information that conveys purely practical ideas - data on practical innovations, industry-based reports on achievements in specific scientific fields, guidelines as well as information on new technologies primarily as regards their connection to this personality-oriented educational process. So, the task of our journal is to meet the demands for scientific publications in relevant scientific directions as laid out by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Russia.Moreover, it is planned to produce innovative learning and teaching materials for teachers of humanities, reviews and surveys of articles on methods of teaching humanities in higher technical learning institutions, information on scientific, industrial and applied science conferences dealing with these aspects of social life in Russia and abroad.

All publications are free.

Articles are accepted for publishing according to the following scientific fields and specializations:

  • 07.00.00 History and Archeology
  • 09.00.00 Philosophy
  • 17.00.06 Art
  • 22.00.01 Social Science
  • 23.00.00 Political Science
  • 24.00.01 Culture Studies
  • 12.00.09 Law Science
  • 08.00.00 Economics
  • 13.00.00 Pedagogy
  • 10.02.21 Philology and Linguistics

the journal is published once a month.

Executive secretary of the journal: Krylov Alexey Olegovich
Articles to be sent to e-mail: papers.vestnik@yandex.ru  Тel.: +7 (910) 462-08-65

Information about the publisher:
The journal is published by the Bauman University Publishing House.
Address: Moscow, 2nd Baumanskaya str., 5-1, Main Building, Room 117
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