Main Editorial Stanevskiy A.G.
Stanevskiy A.G.

PhD (Engineering), Assoc. Prof.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Moscow, Russian Federation

Stanevskiy A.G.

Stanevskiy Alexander Grigorievich - director of the Main Educational Research and Methodological Centre of the vocational rehabilitation of people with disabilities at NRU BMSTU, Doctor of Science (PhD in Technical Sciences), the Head of Rehabilitation Chair.
Recipient of the Russian Federation President Prize and the Prize of the Russian Federation Government in the field of the education, Honorary Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Executive Commitee-man for Issues Relating to Disabled Person at the President of the Russian Federation, Member of Council for Issues Relating to the Disabled Persons at the Chairman of The Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the head of the Interuniversity Expert Group on Inclusive Higher Education of Russian Rector's Union, the member of the International Education Expert Board of Russian State Agency RIA Novosti, UNESCO medal awarded for contribution into the International cooperation in the field of vocational education of the disabled persons.
Occupational category - development and implementation of distributed networks and systems for disabled persons; access technology; special information and educational technologies for disabled persons; educational-rehabilitation technologies for disabled persons.
The author of more than 130 works and 15 patents on problems of multilevel continuous vocational education of disabled persons, access technology and special education technology.