A creative personality and its importance in development of rocket and space industry

Authors: Bushueva V.V., Bushuev N.N., Bobrov A.N. Published: 29.06.2021
Published in issue: #3(89)/2021  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2021-3-725  
Category: The Humanities in Technical University | Chapter: Philosophy Science  
Keywords: main factors of development, creative personality, characteristics of a creative personality, rocket and space industry , creative groups, S.P. Korolev, V.N. Chelomey, M.K. Yangel

The paper substantiates the relevance of studying the characteristics of a creative personality and analyzes the significance of three basic conditions of scientific and technological progress: the general level of development of science and technology, social conditions, and the influence of the creative personality of a scientist, an inventor. The specific historical nature of their interaction and interrelation is emphasized. The importance of such creative personalities as M.K. Yangel, S.P. Korolev, V.N. Chelomey is highlighted. The study analyzes S.P. Korolev, his creative and organizational skills in detail, emphasizes his contribution to the development of the rocket and space industry. It is noted that the image of a creative personality is diverse, unique and represents an individual unity of various qualities. However, this direction in the Russian scientific literature has not been thoroughly studied, which makes it difficult to develop methodological approaches to the study of creative activity. Of particular interest is foreign practice, where creative groups are an important link in creative activity and its activation. Two main and opposite methods of forms of organization and work of creative groups at industrial enterprises in France are presented. A distinctive feature of creative groups is that the forms of organization and work allow participants even with average abilities to generate creative ideas. Recommendations are given on the use of foreign experience of creative groups in domestic practice, which is a certain novelty of this paper.

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