Main Editorial Andreev A.L.
Andreev A.L.

PhD (Philosophy)

Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University)

Moscow, Russian Federation

Andreev A.L.

Andreev Andrei Leonidovich. Born in 1947. PhD (Philosophy), Professor, head of the department of philosophy, political science and social of the National Research University "Moscow Institute of Energy Engineering", chief researcher at the Institute of Social Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Specialist in the history of Russian philosophy and culture, theory and history of education, and mentality sociology. Author of more than 300 works, including 11 monographs, a few of them are translated and published in Bulgaria, Poland, Syria, the USA, Serbia, Switzerland and other countries. Recent monographs: "Russian education: socio-historical contexts" (2008); "Sociology of technology" (2009, co-author); "Education and erudition in Russian social history – from the Middle Ages to the Modern times" (2014). One of the first Russian researchers of the problems of techno-science. Awards: Honorable worker of higher education; prize "Social thought" for the book "Russian education: socio-historical contexts (2009); Pitirim Sorokin Silver medal "For contribution in science".

Field of responsibility in the journal – Philosophy.