The problem of scientific method in post-positivism

Authors: Lebedev S.A. Published: 21.01.2020
Published in issue: #6(80)/2019  
DOI: 10.18698/2306-8477-2019-6-640  
Category: The Humanities in Technical University | Chapter: Philosophy Science  
Keywords: post-positivism, falsificationism, fallibilism, critical racionalism, research program, methodological anarchism

The study focuses on formulation and solution of the problem of the scientific method in postpositive philosophy of science. Three basic concepts for solving this problem are analyzed: falsificationism of K. Popper, methodology of research programs of I. Lakatos, methodological anarchism of P. Feyerabend. The study shows that each of them contains significant methodological ideas, but in general none of them corresponds to the real process of scientific knowledge.

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